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"Simon is a phenomenon. He is fascinated by people and the psychology of travel sales. This gives him incredible insight into improving individual and collective sales team performance. He is also determined and gives his all to the cause. An extraordinarily effective coach."

- Kane Pirie, Managing Director, VIVID.Travel

"Professional, engaging and imaginative. Having worked with Simon in the past I had no hesitation in bringing him in to implement and deliver our sales and service coaching plan. His years of experience at a leading tour operator coupled with a background in theatre enabled him to connect with our teams, delivering a style of coaching that doesn't just tell people what to do, but engages them to think about why, and leaves them wanting to implement best practice."

- Paul Acheson, Sales and Service Manager, Hayes and Jarvis

"Simon is a significant asset to any sales manager in travel. In my 17 years in travel, including training and development, I have never met someone like him. His experience in acting, as a top seller, a senior manager and now a freelance sales coach, combined with his infectious personality, make him one of a kind. If you're looking for someone to develop your team in relationship selling, I can thoroughly recommend Simon."

- Robert Kiernan, Personal Travel Agent & Concierge, Travel Counsellors

"Simon has a gift for making training fun and effective. He is passionate about travel, and has an extensive knowledge of the leisure travel market. His enthusiasm is infectious, and he understands how to vary his delivery depending on the experience level of his audience. On several visits to my team he took time to ensure full engagement with the whole group and unquestionably left them with a far greater knowledge and interest in selling cruises. He is equally adept at fine-tuning skills in a one-to-one meeting."

- Andy La Gette, Gold Travel Consultant, Travel Counsellors

Boost Your Sales

sales are everything

Without sales, morale crumbles and businesses ultimately fold.

In a marketplace flooded with competition, how can you stand out? How can you stop the customer going elsewhere?

You begin by truly hearing them.

To truly listen is to truly hear.

Most sales agents think they are listening, but aren't really hearing. They either hear what they want to hear, or second guess the direction in which the conversation is heading. By doing this, they often fail to pick up on key details which would have allowed them to build rapport and trust with their client. This trust is key to more confirmed sales and more repeat business.

Active listening is at the core of my coaching.

I believe the first few minutes of any interaction are priceless and that in putting the client first, we sow the seeds of successful, meaningful relationships (and sales).

a 3 step process

I bring a coaching strategy that can be tailored to any business model. It relies on 3 distinct steps.

Consider this strategy like the foundations of a house. You can't see it in action, but it underpins everything. Every house needs a foundation, and every foundation is different. So too is my strategy – it's adaptive:

Step 1

Hearing every member of the sales team.

Initial one-to-one sessions lasting up to 1.5+ hours each. To understand character, strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Step 2

Bespoke coaching plan for every team member.

Providing detailed, tangible and achievable goals which result in immediate improvements.

Step 3

Follow up and step away.

Taking that immediate growth I instil a process for long term success. Then over a period of time an agreed and gradual stepping away to give sales consultants the space, freedom and confidence to do it on their own.

The result:

You are left with a strong, confident, positive sales team, who form genuine connections with clients; enhancing brand and increasing sales.

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£20m ca.

teams commission growth

3 years in sales management, 2 as coach

£1.4m ca.

individual commission

7 years in front line sales

18yrs ca.

working in theatre

9 years as actor, 9 as director

The journey.

By the time I was 11 years old I was a member of the BA Junior Jet Club and had flown the equivalent of the circumference of the earth (25,000 miles). I grew up in Canada and have travelled throughout North America.

As an actor in the theatre, I performed in plays across the UK as well as touring to India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. As director, I worked on productions both on and off West End.

While in sales I traveled extensively and I have been lucky enough to set foot on each of the 7 continents, highlights include bicycling around Bora Bora and kayaking in Antarctica.

The drama of sales.

In theatre we are trained to understand the short and long term goals of fully developed characters. Drama results from tensions created by the obstacles they face and the resolutions discovered.

In sales I discovered I was able to address both the immediate and long term needs of clients by thinking this way.

In coaching I use this approach to help sales staff hear and anticipate the goals and obstacles of their clients. The result is more than a sale – it's a lasting, valuable relationship between real people.

The ROI from standard sales coaching is recognised at £7-£1 as an average. I believe my approach will give you significantly more.

If after just 1 day of exposure to your team, each member makes just 1 extra sale, you'll already be reaping hand over fist the initial investment. Engage me for longer and you'll see your sales grow exponentially.

28 years in the arts, sales and sales management has taught me to not just listen, but to truly hear. I bring this unique skill set into the sales arena with a proven track record of increasing morale amongst staff as well as well as boosting sales.

Contact me using the form below to see how we can increase sales and morale for your business.

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I offer a free no obligation assessment of your coaching needs, in the form of an on-site meeting or web-based call, depending on logistics. I will then present you with a brief report and suggestions for how to move forward.

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